Ultimate Water ATM Controller 3-in-1 Card+Coin+UPI

Revolutionize water dispensing with our state-of-the-art Water ATM Controller. Offering seamless digital payments, direct crediting to plant owner accounts, and a user-friendly interface, this Plug & Play unit is easy to install and backed by dedicated customer support. With a one-year warranty, no transaction charges, and 8-10 years of life expectancy, it’s the ultimate solution for efficient, transparent, and long-lasting water transactions. Upgrade your water dispensing experience today!

here are the features of our product :-

Digital Pay from any UPI APP

Payment Directly Credited to Plant Owner account

ONLINE report Generation system

Plug & Play Unit

Easy to Install

Dedicated Customer Support

One-year warranty ��

No Transaction Charges

3 network connectivity – Sim Data, Sim SMS & Wifi

4-Lane Parallel Dispensing

Payment processing with UPI, card & coin

Touch buttons

Life Expectancy 8-10 Years
Stainless Steel Cabinet


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