Smart Card Based Controller For Coffee Vending Machine

The ECA 4015 Tea Coffee Vending Payment System is an advanced solution designed to revolutionize automated beverage service. With RFID access and triggered vending capabilities, this system ensures seamless transactions and quick dispensing of your favorite tea or coffee. Experience the future of convenience and efficiency in tea/coffee vending with the ECA 4015 model.

Key Features:
  • RFID Access: Enjoy seamless transactions with the convenience of RFID technology, eliminating the need for physical payment methods.
  • Triggered Vending: The ECA 4015 system activates the vending machine to dispense your preferred tea or coffee, ensuring a quick and efficient service.
  • Automated Beverage Service: Experience the future of automated beverage service with the ECA 4015 model, providing a convenient and satisfying tea/coffee vending experience.
Product Specifications:
  • Model: ECA 4015
  • Payment System: RFID Access
  • Compatibility: Suitable for tea and coffee vending machines
  • Efficiency: Triggers vending machine for quick dispensing
  • Convenience: Automated beverage service for a hassle-free experience
Benefits of the ECA 4015 Tea Coffee Vending Payment System:


Streamlined Transactions:

RFID access enables seamless and secure transactions, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Efficient Vending:

The triggered vending machine ensures quick and accurate beverage dispensing, reducing waiting times.

Customizable Experience:

Personalize your tea or coffee selection with the convenience of the ECA 4015 model, offering a range of options.


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