Digital Duble Lane Milk ATM Controller (Cow & Buffalo)


Introducing our Digital Double Lane Milk ATM Controller for both Cow and Buffalo. Experience seamless digital transactions, advanced features, and the convenience of dual lanes.

Here are the features of our product :-

‣ Facilitation of Digital Payments through any UPI Application
‣ Direct Crediting of Payments to Plant Owner’s Account
‣ Implementation of an Online Report Generation System
‣ Integration of a Plug & Play Unit for Seamless Installation
‣ User-Friendly Operation with Acrylic Touch Buttons Equipped with Light and Sound
‣ Dedicated Customer Support Services
‣ One-Year Warranty Inclusive of Repair and Replacement��
‣ Elimination of Transaction Charges
‣ Triple Network Connectivity: Sim Data, Sim SMS, and Wifi
‣ Exterior Cabinet Crafted from Stainless Steel with Front Acrylic Panel
‣ Self-Calibration Feature Ensuring Accurate Milk Dispensing
‣ Transaction Notifications via SMS
‣ Provision for a Payment Gateway to Enable Self-Recharge on Demand
‣ Convenient Access Panels for Easy Maintenance
‣ Impressive Life Expectancy Ranging from 10 to 15 Years
‣ Versatility to Accept Payments via Coin, Card, Bank Notes, and UPI
‣ Availability in Two Variants: Single Lane and Double Lane Controllers
‣ Audio Assistance for Enhanced User Experience
‣ Robust Security Measures to Safeguard User Data
‣ Remote Management Capabilities Accessible via Mobile Device & Laptop


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